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Jumat, 10 Oktober 2014

Minion nail art design

How to make minion nail design

I recommend u to use OPI or Faceshop nail color

U need yellow, blue,black and grey color

1)Color your nail yellow
2)Color the end of your nail blue
3)Color black at the side really carefully ( if u r scared,use the nail design kit or the sharp clip end)
4)Make a big grey circle at the middle of the black lines (preview the picture)
5)Make a smiley mouth (use the nail desighn kit or maybe a toothpick)
6)Make an eye using white color at the middle of the grey circle
7)Make a small black eye at the white circle
8)Let it dry

Tips: If u got a small messy situation,use cotton bud but if it destroy everything, I consider u should use nail remover and start over

Thank you & enjoy^_^

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