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Sabtu, 18 Oktober 2014

Clean face

How to keep your face clean

Use clay or cucumber mask
Use a nose pore mask or black soap on your nose
Use tree tea oil with cotton and dab it on your face but not to much as this could chemically burn
Use ice or icepack to shrink the pimple
Use toothpaste,egg yolk,oatmeal and yogurt,mint and tumeric,papaya on your face
Use konjak sponge

Keep your face clean!

Makeup for 14 yrs

Natural and nice makeup for 14 yrs old girls

Use foundation and concealer, just put a bit on your face below your eyes and dab it until it cant be seen but dont spread it with your hand.

Use baby or light pink blush

Use mascara but not too much

Fill in your eyebrow

Use a little bit of eyeshadow but the color should be like your skin color if u go to school and use light pink or blue if u go somewhere

If you have pimple cover it with concealer and take care of your face by keeping it clean and use tree tea oil that is natural

Selasa, 14 Oktober 2014

Your future

Go to this link to know your future!

Green tea latte

How to make a green tea latte


Green tea powder (1 teaspoon)
Low fat milk ( 180 ml)
Water (1 tablespoon)
Coffee creamer ( 2 tablespoon)
Ice cubes


Mix green tea powder with water in a cocktail shaker
Put ice cubes halfway to the mixer
Pour milk and coffee creamer
Shake it with lid close
Pour into a glass

It is optional to add ice cubes to the drink in the glass and add green tea powder on tip of it or add whipping cream.

Minggu, 12 Oktober 2014

Rainbow loom

How to make a rainbow loom

Things you need:

Have 2 sticks and make it same size
Have a lot of different color rubber band
1 chain

Instructions (see the picture for detail)

Twist one rubber band
Put 2 rubber band above it
The twist rubber band put over the 2 rubber band
Put another band on top of it
Do the same thing like step 3 only this time pull with the last band
Repeat the steps and continue to make a bracelet
At the end connect both with one chain

BTW dont use the bracelet too many times because in the news, it said that it could cause cancer but once a while you can

At first I didnt understand how to make it but until I was taught by youtube, its a piece of cake!

Enjoy!If u dont understand how to make, search at youtube.


If you have episodes app, Please go to this link to see my story


Jumat, 10 Oktober 2014

Minion nail art design

How to make minion nail design

I recommend u to use OPI or Faceshop nail color

U need yellow, blue,black and grey color

1)Color your nail yellow
2)Color the end of your nail blue
3)Color black at the side really carefully ( if u r scared,use the nail design kit or the sharp clip end)
4)Make a big grey circle at the middle of the black lines (preview the picture)
5)Make a smiley mouth (use the nail desighn kit or maybe a toothpick)
6)Make an eye using white color at the middle of the grey circle
7)Make a small black eye at the white circle
8)Let it dry

Tips: If u got a small messy situation,use cotton bud but if it destroy everything, I consider u should use nail remover and start over

Thank you & enjoy^_^

Banana milkshake

How to make the perfect Banana Milkshake!

1/2 cup pf milk (4 ounce)
1 cup of ice 
2 bananas
1 scoop of vanilla ice cream

Put everything in the blender and let it blend for 2-3 min
Put choco syrup or almond or whipping cream if u want

Rabu, 08 Oktober 2014

About me!

Hi my name is Kelly. Im 14 yrs old girl at year 9 studying at Beacon academy. I created this blog o show the world about my fashion and tips for vacation and about my life. I was bored and I thought making a blog is interesting and would be a success in the future. I love to play badminton and eat sushi^_^

I hope you guys enjoy my blog!:)