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Minggu, 12 Oktober 2014

Rainbow loom

How to make a rainbow loom

Things you need:

Have 2 sticks and make it same size
Have a lot of different color rubber band
1 chain

Instructions (see the picture for detail)

Twist one rubber band
Put 2 rubber band above it
The twist rubber band put over the 2 rubber band
Put another band on top of it
Do the same thing like step 3 only this time pull with the last band
Repeat the steps and continue to make a bracelet
At the end connect both with one chain

BTW dont use the bracelet too many times because in the news, it said that it could cause cancer but once a while you can

At first I didnt understand how to make it but until I was taught by youtube, its a piece of cake!

Enjoy!If u dont understand how to make, search at youtube.

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